Frequently asked questions

AccentCare Today, ACT, is a new app that connects the AccentCare family and allows employees to easily share information and ideas!

You will need an email to sign up, but the good news is you can use any email service you’d like! If you don’t currently have an email address, here are some free services to get you started.*

Google Gmail:


*If you choose to create an email with one of these services AccentCare is not responsible for the messages or content you may receive in your inbox.

The steps to register are easy! Simply provide your email and preferred first and last name. Lastly, we will need the last four digits of your social to be able to provide an enhanced and secure experience to our employees.

We want to make it easier for everyone to connect! Our AccentCare employees are always on the go and spread out in many states. The ACT app is your new way to communicate, collaborate and share with other employees.

Download the AccentCare Today app today! Follow the applicable link for your device and type “AccentCare Today” in the search bar:

Click here for the Apple App Store

Click here for the Google Play Store

Click here for the ACT website

We are working on tools through ACT to facilitate communication between managers and their teams. Not only that, it will also create better communication with our Service and Support Centers and all of our branches across the country!

You are always on the go and now, we are too! Use the Assistant feature to search and find the best practices at the tip of your finger so you are never alone in the home. ACT will allow you to easily access information about payroll and benefits, share best practices and look up resources – all from your mobile device!

With ACT, you will receive tailored information for you and your needs. You are able to connect and share information across the AccentCare network to help you be your best. Expect lots of fun employee highlights, competitions and prizes as we celebrate each other and the work that we accomplish together.

This is your space to share your ideas! Whether you want to share the amazing work you’ve been doing or comment on other employee posts, we want to see it. Follow the App Tips Channel to see our How To tutorials!

You are not required to sign up for specific channels, but with all the great info and news available to you, we don’t want you to miss out!  We suggest starting with the ACToday, ACTion Shots, App Tips & Tricks (Apple or Android) and your specific branch/region channels!

Absolutely! We encourage you to connect with employees throughout the entire AccentCare network! Share your best practices and useful tips and tricks!

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